Enjoy a  Southern Texas escape from
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Imagine a place where you can wake up with a giraffe right outside your door, and not have to travel all the way to Africa.   Your day only gets better as you engage in special tours to learn and understand more about these magnificent animals and how you can help ensure their survival through active conservation efforts.  

At Laredo Safari, some of the most iconic species of the African savannah will serve as animal ambassadors and storytellers, engaging with guests in unparalleled, personal encounters that will inspire a greater appreciation for these beautiful beasts and a desire to act on behalf of their wellbeing and survival in the wild.

Edelmiro Martinez

Deep in Webb County South Texas

Unforgettable  animals like
Zebras and Buffalos

Laredo Safari, nestled on 135 acres in the beautiful Webb County Texas, will serve as home to giraffes and zebras born in accredited US zoos and offer guests a personalized wildlife experience like no other in the country.  Traveling to Africa – an exceptional experience only possible for very few, fortunate people – provides the only comparable experience to what Laredo Safari has to offer.  Not a traditional zoo exhibit where barriers distance guests from personal encounters with the animals, Laredo Safari treats a small number of overnight guests to more of an immersive, exclusive safari experience.

Edelmiro's Expedition

I have devoted my entire professional career to working with zoo animals as a zoo zoologist, director and conservationist. I have seen the transformation of good zoos into centers of excellence for animal care and conservation. At the same time wild populations of large mammals have decreased by over 50% and in the case of rhinos over 90% of their population has disappeared in the last 30 years. Ironically, while the standard of care for zoo animals has greatly improved, their wild counterparts face more pressure than ever to survive.  

To return in part the great joy I have derived through my experiences with these animals, I now want to create a place that is not only a haven for resident zoo-born wildlife, but also a conservation park making a direct impact on saving these animals in the wild.

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